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How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Pixels are common across social media platforms! Read and discover how to add the Facebook pixel to your Shopify store and how to run Facebook shop by Shopify!

Are you finding advertising on Facebook a little bit confusing? Can you run your Facebook shop by Shopify, attract visitors, and boost sales?
All the features and options make Facebook a powerful advertising platform and this is what adds complexity. One common thing that both Shopify and Facebook Users get frustrated with is pixels.
Pixels are common across social media platforms. The pixels are used to drop a cookie that successfully tracks visitors on your store so you can advertise to them later. Once you advertise to these visitors, the Facebook pixels can also be used to track the behavior of the customers once they are back on your Shopify store.

Facebook pixel is a tool that has a code you can put on your online store. The Facebook pixel is used to track online visitors and also allows you to retarget the users with Facebook ads. This will help you gain more information about your customers, track the effectiveness of your social advertising campaigns, and send targeted messages to users who are familiar with your brand.

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The Facebook platform used to have custom audience pixels for retargeting online visitors, as well as, a conversation pixel which tracks website conversions. Each advertising account has one custom pixel and you could create as many conversion pixels as you want, one for each page you want to track sales conversions on.
Even though Facebook pixels are a little bit confusing, you should know that they make advertising on social media more effective. They know exactly who you are targeting and you have a better understanding of how your Facebook ads are doing. You can also make messaging more effective which could hopefully lead to a better return on your investments.

Facebook simplified the process in 2015, by presenting a new Facebook pixel that replaced the old one, making it the only pixel you need. It made advertising on Facebook easier and running your Facebook shop by Shopify more fun.
The Facebook pixel offers 3 functions to help you get a better ROI: custom audiences from your online store, custom conversions, custom and standard events.
The Facebook pixel ID is located in the Ads Manager. Find “Measure & Report” and click on Pixels. If you have already created your Facebook pixel, you will find your Facebook pixel ID on the dashboard.
The current Facebook pixel works exactly like the old custom audience pixel. In order for the pixel to appear on every page on your website or online store, it needs to be in the head section of the index page. Regardless of where the page is loaded, the pixel will track where your visitors are.

There are 3 options to add a Facebook pixel to your website – by using an integration, by manually installing the code, and via email instructions to a developer. The simplest way is by using an integration.
But how to sell on Facebook? If you are running a Shopify store, the process is quick and easy. Go to your Shopify Admin and click Online Store > Preferences. Find the Facebook pixel section and just paste the pixel ID. Once you are done click “save”. That’s it! You are finished!
Running your Facebook shop by Shopify now will be much easier. You can start advertising your Shopify products on Facebook now that you know what your visitors are searching for and what are their favorite products. Expect positive outcomes!


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